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Fellows and Faculty Working on Some “Really Good Stuff”

The May 2010 issue of Medical Education contains the latest collection of “Really Good Stuff,” a peer-reviewed compilation of short, structured reports, published semiannually, on new ideas in medical education, including curriculum design, teaching practice, and assessment. Included in the current issue are eight reports on the innovation projects of 2008 FAIMER Institute Fellows. Following are all reports by FAIMER Fellows (bold blue font) and faculty (bold black font):

“Teaching Anatomy with Digital Self-learning Modules”
Ashwini C. Appaji (PSG 2008), Roopa Kulkarni, Anupama Poojar, Kalaivani Vinayagam

“Needs Assessment as a Strategic Planning Tool”
Payal K. Bansal (PHIL 2007), Savita Marathe (GSMC 2008), Prakash M. Shere, Mrudula A. Phadke

“Developing a Web-based Multiple-choice Question Item Bank”
S. Ayhan Çaliskan (PHIL 2008), H. Ibrahim Durak, S Elif Törün, Ö. Sürel Karabilgin

“Epidemiology Training Needs Assessment in Vietnam”
An T. M. Dao (PHIL 2008), Le T. Huong, Huy V. Nguyen, Luu N. Hoat

“Mentored Student Project for Inculcating Research Skills”
Vasudha Devi, Reem R. Abraham (PSG 2007), Sachidananda Adiga, Ramnarayan Komattil

“Optimising Feedback Using the Mini-CEX during the Final Semester Programme”
Sari P. Dewi (PHIL 2008), Tri H. Achmad

“Structuring an Internship Programme for Enhanced Learning”
Harpreet Kapoor (CMCL 2006, PHIL 2008), Ara Tekian, Stewart Mennin

“Student Learning Experiences in a Diversified Academic Environment”
Dianne Manning (PHIL 2008), Danette McKinley, Shalote Chipamaunga

“Utilising Assessment as a Drive for Changing Teaching”
Valéria G. F. Pinheiro, Elcineide S. Castro, Luiz E. A. Troncon

“Academic Counselling for Undergraduate Medical Students of Pharmacology”
Anupama Sukhlecha (CMCL 2008)

“Improving Assessment of Evidence-based Medicine Skills in Medical Students”
John Tumbo (PHIL 2008)

“Using Positive Deviance to Improve Student Performance”
Zareen Zaidi (PHIL 2008), Tara Jaffery (PHIL 2005), Shaheen Moin



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