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4th Annual Stellenbosch University Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

On May 11 and 12, 2010, Stellenbosch University held its fourth annual Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, hosted by the university’s Centre for Teaching and Learning. The goal of the conference was to explore all facets of teaching and learning at Stellenbosch University in an “open, supportive, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere,” as well as to highlight the work of recipients of awards from the Fund for Innovation and Research into Learning and Teaching. Conference participants were encouraged to share best practices, research findings, and new ideas about teaching and learning; to engage in debate about teaching and learning methods, trends, and goals; and to celebrate teaching and learning at Stellenbosch.

Among the keynote speakers at the conference was Vanessa Burch (PHIL 2001), Southern Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute (SAFRI) Co-director and Chair of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cape Town. Dr. Burch’s well-received address was entitled “The Scholarship of Teaching: My Own Experience.”

SAFRI 2009 Fellow Johan Dempers was awarded the prize for best presentation at the conference for his provocative work entitled “Hey Tarantino, Show Me Your Pituitary!” Juanita Bezuidenhout (PHIL 2005) was one of the co-authors. She was also a member of a plenary panel discussion on “New Frontiers: Taking Teaching Forward,” held at the end of the conference, and she gave an analysis of scholarship at the conference.

Other FAIMER and SAFRI fellows participating in the conference were Francois Cilliers (PHIL 2004), Alwyn Louw (SAFRI 2008), and Ben van Heerden (PHIL 2006).



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