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Intealth™ CEO William W. Pinsky, MD, Announces Retirement Date

Strategic Transformation Marks Tenure

Intealth announced today that Chief Executive Officer William W. Pinsky, MD, will retire at the end of 2023. At that time, Dr. Pinsky also will retire as the President of ECFMG®, a member of Intealth, and the Board Chair of FAIMER®, a member of Intealth. Dr. Pinsky’s retirement will follow more than seven years of strategic leadership during which he has transformed the organizations and their ability to promote better health care for all.

During his tenure beginning in 2016, Dr. Pinsky reimagined the structure of the organizations, refining governance, expanding the executive leadership team, and instituting progressive realignments of business units to nurture synergies and maximize impact. His unwavering focus on strategy has engaged all levels of the organizations, consisting of both focused, accelerated initiatives and a comprehensive framework to guide and integrate all activities.

This sustained period of transformation resulted in the creation of Intealth in 2021, fulfilling Dr. Pinsky’s vision for the integration of ECFMG and FAIMER to ensure a common focus and the efficient use of resources. As Intealth’s Chief Executive Officer, he has united these member organizations under a common vision, developed their complementary missions, and established a new set of core values to guide internal and external practice.

“Bill has created something powerful—a structure for growth and the potential to do more,” said ECFMG Board Chair Peter F. Buckley, MD. “He has elevated our baseline, creating a stronger foundation to support the future needs of the world’s physicians and other health professionals, medical education and regulatory communities, researchers and policy makers, and the public.”

The business transformation shepherded by Dr. Pinsky already has demonstrated its value. In recent years, Intealth and its members successfully navigated the profound disruptions of the global COVID-19 pandemic, not only ensuring continuity of their services, but also maintaining the momentum of critical initiatives. In 2021, FAIMER marked its 20th anniversary, convening nearly 600 participants from 51 countries to celebrate the success of its fellowship programs for health professions educators and unveiling new initiatives to support the health professions worldwide. In 2022, ECFMG confirmed the 2024 launch of its medical school accreditation initiative, which is vitally important to ensuring the quality of medical education and, ultimately, patient care globally. The organizations also have taken on proactive roles to advocate, share expertise, and inform public policy in order to ensure accessible, high quality health care.

The second half of 2023 will see the launch of MyIntealth™, a new on-line environment offering users streamlined access to services and a vastly enhanced user experience as well as the expansion of FAIMER’s network of Regional Institutes to include one in Eastern Africa.

A national search for Dr. Pinsky’s successor will be initiated in the near future.

About Intealth
Intealth brings together the expertise and resources that advance quality in health care education worldwide in order to improve health care for all. Through strategic integration of its nonprofit members, Intealth offers a flexible and multi‐layered portfolio of services. These services enhance and support the education and training of health care professionals, verify their qualifications required to practice, and inform the development of health workforce policies around the world. By leveraging these combined competencies of its members, Intealth powers innovation in areas critical to the health professions.

Intealth is an integrated organization that includes ECFMG and FAIMER.



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