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FAIMER Fellows and Faculty Continue to Work on “Really Good Stuff”

The May 2011, November 2011, and May 2012 issues of Medical Education contain the latest collections of “Really Good Stuff,” peer-reviewed compilations of short, structured reports, published semiannually, on new ideas in medical education, including curriculum design, teaching practice, and assessment. Included in these recent issues are 19 reports by FAIMER Fellows (bold font) and Faculty (bold blue font):

Issue 46-5, May 2012

“Medical professionalism adapted to faith and cultural beliefs”
Dina El-Metwally (PHIL 2010), Mona Azzam, Mai Abou Al-Seoud

“‘Imitating Art’: ethics, humanities and professionalism in undergraduate medical education”
Marinaldo Horácio Medeiros, Delane Maria Rego, Maria José Vilar (BRAZ 2008), George Dantas Azevedo (BRAZ 2007)

“Broadening horizons: looking beyond disability”
Satendra Singh (CMCL 2011)

“Communication gaps in a teaching paediatric out-patient scenario”
Ricardo Sukiennik (BRAZ 2010), Vanessa Moura, Valdes Bollela (PHIL 2006)

“‘The Game’: student ‘teaching’ objective structured clinical examinations in South Africa”
Jonathan Vogel, Daniel Nel, Larry Chapman, Vanessa C. Burch (PHIL 2001)

Issue 45-11, November 2011

“Creative student-generated teaching projects integrating anatomical knowledge with clinical skills”
George D. Azevedo (BRAZ 2007), Maria J. Vilar (BRAZ 2008), Elaine M. Bezerra (PHIL 2008)

“‘I’m watching you’: observation of paediatric internship students”
Denise Ballester (BRAZ 2010), Silmar Gannam (BRAZ 2012), Valdes Roberto Bollela (PHIL 2006)

“Developing a facilitation skills training programme for problem-based learning tutors”
Anand Kukkamalla (PSG 2010), Shobha K. Lakshminarayana

“Impact of epidemiological and statistical skills training in undergraduates”
Dinesh Kumar (CMCL 2010), Rama Angurana

“Human, sexual and reproductive rights in health care”
Robinson D. Medeiros, George D. Azevedo (BRAZ 2007), Dayara Ferro, Rayanna C. Costa

“Burnout syndrome among internship medical students”
Ana T. R. de Abreu Santos (BRAZ 2010), Suely Grosseman (BRAZ 2008), Edméa F. de Oliva Costa (BRAZ 2009), Tarcísio M. de Andrade

“Validating a problem-based learning process assessment tool”
Shambhu K. Upadhyay (GSMC 2009), Shital Bhandary (PSG 2008), Satish R. Ghimire

Issue 45-5, May 2011

“Expectations of Indian applicants of an educational fellowship”
Anshu (CMCL 2007, PHIL 2009), Stacey Friedman, Danette McKinley

“Service-Learning: increasing civic responsibility in Pakistani students”
Rukhsana Aslam (PHIL 2009), Tara Jaffery (PHIL 2005), Zareen Zaidi (PHIL 2008)

“Blueprinting: a framework for health education programme evaluation”
Saira Banu (PSG 2007), Thomas V. Chacko (PHIL 2004)

“Lessons learned from a course in emergency medicine”
Martha Delgado-Ramirez (PHIL 2009)

“Revitalising student motivation in problem-based learning with computer enhancement”
Yasser El-Wazir (PHIL 2009), Somaya Hosny, Ola Farouk

“Using videos to introduce clinical material: effects on empathy”
Mahinda Kommalage (PHIL 2009)

“Understanding community health medical education through action research”
Francisco Lamus (PHIL 2009), Clara Jaimes, Natalia Serrano



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