Brazilian Ministry of Education Launches Pro-Ensino Project

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More than one-quarter of the projects awarded in the new Brazilian Ministry of Education Pro-Ensino (Pro-Teaching) project include Brazilian FAIMER community members as authors. This new program is intended to provide scholarships for health professionals to obtain master’s, Ph.D., and post-Ph.D. degrees in education, and to establish a new research agenda in education in Brazil under the auspices of CAPES (Coordination for Improvement of Superior Education Professionals, Ministry of Education).

Of the 23 projects that were awarded, seven have FAIMER faculty or Fellows as heads or collaborators. These projects include Dr. Eliana Amaral’s (PHIL 2003) project on setting up a new graduate program focusing on the evaluation of educational programs and assessment of students as tools for improvement in health professions education; Eliana Goldfarb Cyrino’s (BRAZ 2007) project on integration of academics, health services, and community to create a new model for development of research; Izabel Coelho’s (BRAZ 2008) project on creating a medical education consortium for research among schools from Brazil’s South region; and Rosângela Cotta’s (BRAZ 2010) project on transformation of the teaching and learning processes in health professions education. Drs. Cotta and Cyrino conceptualized their Pro-Ensino proposals from their FAIMER education innovation projects.

Also included among the projects are Brazil-FAIMER Regional Institute faculty member Luis Troncon’s project on higher education for health professions; Elizabeth Daher’s project on development of competencies in various scenarios of medical, dental, and nursing education: current status, and insertion and evaluation of active teaching methodologies; and Nilce Costa’s project on implementing a research area in the graduate education program in the health sciences at the Federal University of Goiás. Elizabeth Daher’s and Nilce Costa’s projects include FAIMER Fellows and/or faculty members as collaborators.

Dr. Amaral, Co-Director of the Brazil-FAIMER Regional Institute, explains that the Pro-Ensino initiative complements a previously established program to which FAIMER Fellows and faculty made important contributions—the Professional Master’s on Education for Health Professionals, which aims to stimulate research among health workers from the National Health System. Both this program and Pro-Ensino are clear demonstration of the advancement of evidence-based health professions education in Brazil through the support of the government. The proportion of FAIMER Fellow awards in the Pro-Ensino program in particular is an indication of the impact that the Brazil-FAIMER Regional Institute is having on health professions education in that country.