6th Asia-Pacific Medical Education Conference Held in Singapore

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FAIMER Fellows played a prominent role at the 6th Asia-Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC), held February 21–22, 2009, at the National University of Singapore. The theme of the conference was “Energizing the Educational Mission of Medical Schools,” and nine FAIMER Fellows participated: Payal Bansal (PHIL 2007), Thomas Chacko (PHIL 2004), Hem Lata (CMCL 2007), Sheena Singh (CMCL 2006), Tejinder Singh (PHIL 2003), Jayanthi V. (CMCL 2007), Rashmi Vyas (PHIL 2003), Dinesh Badyal (CMCL 2007), and Ashwini Karve (GSMC 2006).

A forum led by FAIMER Fellows addressing the theme “Developing the Field of Medical Education in India” was held on the first day of the conference and drew approximately 50 attendees. Dr. Vyas opened the forum with a presentation on “FAIMER Fellows in India: Demonstrating Field Leadership.” Also presenting were Dr. Chacko, on “FAIMER Regional Institutes: Meeting Faculty Development Needs of Mid-Level Educators,” and Dr. Tejinder Singh, on “Bridging the Gap: Online Discussions for Faculty Development in Resource Constrained Settings.”

In a “Future Leaders Forum,” Dr. Bansal spoke on “Priorities and Strategies for Capacity Building to Improve Health Sciences Education Systems in Developing Countries,” in which she shared her experiences on the joint faculty development and capacity building project between FAIMER and the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in the state of Maharashtra in India. Dr. Bansal also conducted a workshop on the One Minute Preceptor. Drs. Badyal, Hem Lata, and Sheena Singh contributed with poster presentations.

Overall, APMEC 2009 made an important contribution toward the goal of emphasizing the primary educational mission of medical schools in the face of pressures placed upon them to serve as research institutions and/or clinical centers.