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AMEE 2007

FAIMER President John Norcini and FAIMER Fellows Christina Tan, Juanita Bezuidenhout, David Cameron, and Eliana Amaral at the 2007 AMEE meeting
FAIMER President John Norcini provides reflections on the 2007 AMEE meeting with the help of four FAIMER Fellows (left to right): Christina Tan, Juanita Bezuidenhout, David Cameron, and Eliana Amaral.

The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) annual meeting is recognized as the largest annual international event focusing entirely on medical and health care professions education.

The 2007 conference, held August 25-29 in Trondheim, Norway, focused on teaching and learning in medicine, medical education, and health care needs and assessment. FAIMER staff (whose names appear in bold) and Fellows (whose names appear in blue) participated in the following course, workshops, symposia, short communications, and posters:


FAME (Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education)
Tony LaDuca, Jack Boulet, Dale Dauphinee, Helena Davies, Ann King, Marina Mrouga, Dave Swanson, Carol Morrison, John Norcini


International medical education opportunities: cross-cultural exchanges
John Norcini, M. Brownell Anderson

Assessing the written communication skills of physicians
Thomas Rebbecchi, Jack Boulet, Gerald Whelan

Short Communications

FAIMER Education Programs: five year impact
William Burdick, Page Morahan, Summers Kalishman, Stewart Mennin, MaryAnn Eklund, Debby Diserens*, John Norcini

Postgraduate Medical Education (PMED) Project – a comprehensive web-based international directory
Frank A Simon*, Gerald P Whelan, Danette McKinley, John Norcini

Accreditation processes throughout the world: The FAIMER directory of organizations that recognize/accredit medical schools
Marta van Zanten*, John Norcini, Frank Simon

Peer teaching in Family Medicine – experience of facilitators
Marietjie van Rooyen*, David Cameron, Julia Blitz, Glynis Pickworth

CanMEDS for South African pathology training
Juanita Bezuidenhout*, Vanessa Burch, S Nayler W Grayson, E Wasserman, R Erasmus, E van Rensburg, J Mahlangu, J Vellema, M Altini, Meyer, Moodly, M Senekal, I Loftus

Students’ clinical performance on technical and humanistic skills: comparison between faculty and self assessment
RCL Domingues, AMB Zeferino, SS Morais, E Amaral

Written assessment
David Cameron, chair


Peer group teaching: from boring lectures to buzzing peer groups
Julia Blitz, David Cameron, Marietjie van Rooyen, Glynis Pickworth

Patient perception about aspects to define a graduate alumni as a good doctor
Mary Bermudez*, Ivan Solarte

Undergraduate medical students’ clinical competence through the eyes of faculty from different specialties
Eliana Amaral*, AMB Zeferino, SS Morais, RCL Domingues

Progress test: is it a predictor of students’ academic performance?
S Monte-Alegre, E Amaral, SMRR Passeri, Rcurvo-Leite, AMB Zeferino

New Interdisciplinary Foundation Phase for Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University
AJN Louw*, MM Bester, FJ Cilliers, MF Gerber, CJ Meyer, PS Steyn, JG Strijdom, PL van der Merwe, BB van Heerden

* Presenter


(posted September 20, 2007, updated September 28, 2007, October 17, 2007)




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