FAIMER-Keele Graduates Reflect on the MHPE Program

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FAIMER is currently accepting applications for 2017 enrollment in the international FAIMER-Keele Distance Learning program. The deadline for application is August 31, 2017, and course work will begin on September 25, 2017.

Now in its fifth year, the FAIMER-Keele program aims to empower health professions educators with the knowledge and skills to take educational standards and practice to a higher level—to develop their own practice, to improve health professions education at their institutions and in their communities, and ultimately to help bring about real and lasting advances in local health care. Participants are able to earn a Certificate, Diploma, or Master’s degree in Health Professions Education (MHPE): Accreditation and Assessment.

Program features include:

  • Training and mentoring from international experts in health professions education
  • A flexible learning format, which allows busy working professionals to learn new skills and advance their careers while continuing to practice in their current positions
  • Planning developments in assessment, quality, and curriculum that are contextually relevant
  • A focus on accreditation and assessment, in which international standards, accreditation processes, quality assurance, and monitoring are integrated into study

We spoke recently with four graduates from the first student cohort of the MHPE program, Dr. Basim Al-Khafaji, Dr. Peter Aznar, Dr. Omran Bakoush, and Dr. Edward Dick, who shared their thoughts on how the program has supported them professionally in efforts relating to accreditation and assessment.

Dr. Basim Al-Khafaji Photo
Dr. Basim Al-Khafaji

Dr. Al-Khafaji reports that he has increased his involvement in the development of an accreditation agency for Iraq—something he recommended in his dissertation on the revitalization of medical education in Iraq. Building on the foundation that the coursework provided, Dr. Al-Khafaji participated along with Kufa Medical College in the 1st National Conference on Accrediting Iraq Medical Colleges in April 2017. He believes that his work is contributing to a better understanding and awareness of the multifactorial nature of the challenges and opportunities facing medical education in Iraq.

Dr. Peter Aznar Photo
Dr. Peter Aznar

Dr. Aznar shares that he was recently appointed to the Board of Pathology, Philippine Society of Pathologists. He plans to apply what he learned from the assessment coursework in implementing some changes aimed at increasing the passing rate for Board of Pathology examinations. Dr. Aznar’s plans include the development of an evaluation blueprint, standard setting, and improved alignment of pathology training programs. He was also recently appointed as a Professor in the Department of Pathology, Southwestern University PHINMA School
of Medicine, where he initiated Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) as a part of the student selection process and implemented the Spiral Curriculum for the School of Medicine.

Dr. Omran Bakoush Photo
Dr. Omran Bakoush

Shortly after beginning the program in 2013, Dr. Bakoush became Director of the Junior Clerkship program in the Department of Internal Medicine at United Arab Emirates University. He reports that he has applied the skills he learned in designing and implementing an evaluation study for the program. As part of his dissertation, Dr. Bakoush evaluated the quality of clinical teaching during the clerkship program, and he shares that the results provided important feedback about the clinical learning environment and also allowed for better appreciation of students’ clinical experiences.

Dr. Dick reports that, since completing the program, he has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Integrated Health Services at Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. His responsibilities there include working with program officers on collective impact community health projects—which he says draws on what the program taught him about evaluation, assessment, and research. Dr. Dick shares that he is currently pursuing a continuing medical education certificate with a focus on population health for which the MHPE program has provided a sound basis, and says that the contacts he made during his dissertation research have yielded important ongoing relationships in the community.

For more information on the FAIMER-Keele program, visit http://www.faimer.org/distance-learning/index.html.