There Is Still Time to Register for IME Day 2014!

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There is still time to register for International Medical Education (IME) Day 2014!

“Global Student Exchanges: How Can They Work for Everyone?” is the title of this year’s IME Day, to be held on October 22, 2014, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Eastern Time in the United States (UTC – 4). The keynote speaker will be Dr. Jon Dowell from the University of Dundee.

In this highly interactive face-to-face and virtual workshop, Dr. Dowell will highlight and provoke discussion on issues that surround global student exchanges, also known as international electives. In particular, the conversation will center on ethical issues and evaluation. International electives are often a highlight of students’ education and allow opportunities to travel and witness health care delivery in a different context, often in resource poor countries. However, because they are often self-directed, they present a number of challenges.

The workshop will use participant experiences to consider electives from the student, host and sending institution’s perspective. We will explore the typically diverse range of learning activities and how to evaluate electives holistically from each perspective. Throughout the day, we will identify ethical challenges that emerge and review how these might be managed.

Jon Dowell
Dr. Jon Dowell is a General Practitioner and medical educator in Dundee, Scotland. Over the last 8 years he has been working with colleagues to understand electives better. He initiated the UK Electives Council to share best practices and created a not-for-profit organization to create an alternative ‘Fair Trade’ model of student electives. The first UK conference on medical electives was organized under his leadership.

Jon has volunteered and worked in a number of countries, but does not profess to have the answers or to be an expert in the field. He believes global student exchanges can offer a powerful and formative experience that educators have often left to chance. Along the way risk, ethics, learning and morality appear to have become quite jumbled. He greatly looks forward to discussing these issues with a diverse and international group of scholars.

We welcome your individual participation in our live IME Day session at The Quorum, 3711 Market Street (8th floor), Philadelphia, PA. Space is very limited, so click here to register today.

Virtual participation in IME Day is also welcome. Virtual participants—either individuals or small groups—will have access to the live streamed session, and moderators will incorporate virtual participants’ input into plenary discussions. Group participation is encouraged! Having at least one other person participate with you will enhance the experience considerably, and small groups of four to six face-to-face participants are ideal. Click here to register.

The program is sponsored by the Global Medicine in Education Exchange (GEMx), an initiative of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

(posted June 20, 2014; updated September 11, 2014)