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FAIMER and WFME Meet in Copenhagen to Advance Plans for Launch of World Directory of Medical Schools

Teams from FAIMER and the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) met in Copenhagen in June 2013, together with sponsors and potential sponsors, to plan towards the launch of the World Directory of Medical Schools.

The target date for the World Directory to open is the start of 2014. The existing directories, Avicenna and IMED, will remain open for a year following the launch of the World Directory, to ensure that users of these directories have continuity of the essential service that they provide. The World Directory, however, will take over as the definitive list of medical schools in the world, and Avicenna and IMED will close once the World Directoryis fully operational.

Emmanuel G. Cassimatis, Chair of the FAIMER Board, and Stefan Lindgren, President of WFME, agreed:

“We are very pleased with progress towards the opening of the new World Directory of Medical Schools. Teams from WFME and FAIMER are working together very effectively, and it is particularly pleasing that partners from all over the world are supporting this important venture.”

Sponsors from Australia, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States are already committed to support the World Directory, and sponsors from Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and other countries are expected to join in the near future.



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