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FAIMER Fellows Continue to Work on “Really Good Stuff”

The November 2010 issue of Medical Education contains the latest collection of “Really Good Stuff,” a peer-reviewed compilation of short, structured reports, published semiannually, on new ideas in medical education, including curriculum design, teaching practice, and assessment. Included in the current issue are six reports on the innovation projects of FAIMER Fellows (bold font):

“A Way to Assess Students’ Clinical Reasoning”
Iêda M. B. Aleluia (BRAZ 2009), Paulo M. Carvalho, Jr. (PHIL 2006), Marta S. Menezes (BRAZ 2007)

“Community-based Cervical Cancer Prevention in the Western Amazon”
José O. Ferrari (BRAZ 2009)

“Using Appreciative Inquiry on Learning Styles to Facilitate Student Learning”
Latha Rajendra Kumar (PSG 2009), Thomas V. Chacko (PHIL 2004, IFME 2006)

“Teaching Community-based Palliative Care to Medical Students”
Sairu Philip (PSG 2009), Ayshabeevi Remlabeevi

“Virtual Microscopy as a Teaching Tool Adjuvant to Traditional Microscopy”
Seema Raja (PSG 2009)

“Identification of Social Determinants of Health Components for Teaching: A Pilot Process”
Yegnanarayanaiyer S. Sivan (PSG 2009), Thomas V. Chacko (PHIL 2004, IFME 2006), Pandian Subramaniyan



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