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In the Spotlight: INCLEN Trust and FAIMER Sign Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding between FAIMER and the International Clinical Epidemiology Network Trust International (INCLEN Trust) was completed in June 2007. This memorandum expresses the organizations’ mutual commitment to engage in projects focused on research in medical education, faculty development, and the creation of data resources for and about international medical schools. By way of this agreement, FAIMER and INCLEN Trust intend to partner together in addressing issues and conducting activities related to international education and research.

INCLEN Trust is a non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen health care systems and improve health practices globally by providing professionals in the field with the tools to analyze the efficacy, efficiency, and equity of interventions and preventive measures. Targeting local, national, regional, and global health care needs, the organization’s goal is to improve the health of disadvantaged populations by promoting equitable health care through its global network of health professionals, by conducting collaborative interdisciplinary research on high-priority health problems, and by educating future generations of leaders in health care research. INCLEN Trust has Executive Offices in New Delhi, India, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its global network consists of seven regional networks: CanUSACLEN, ChinaCLEN, Euro-Mediterranean CLEN, INCLEN-Africa, INCLEN-Southeast Asia, IndiaCLEN, and LatinCLEN. These seven regional networks are made up of over 1,500 members, representing 79 clinical epidemiology units that span 33 countries.

In signing this Memorandum of Understanding, FAIMER and INCLEN Trust hope to initiate cooperation in the areas of capacity building and targeted research. This collaboration is designed to capitalize on the broad expertise and network of international contacts built separately by each organization, with the aim of enhancing the activities of both organizations and better achieving their common goal of improving health in regions of greatest need. The objectives of the collaboration will initially include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • development of educational programs for educators, especially in developing regions of South Asia, Latin America, and Africa, with the goal of improving the integration of knowledge of local community health needs and health professions education;
  • strengthening the capacity of both organizations’ networks; and
  • development of common proposals for initiating educational programs and targeted research, and exploration of funding opportunities for this purpose.



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