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The information listed for India was provided by individuals knowledgeable about PME in India. If you note errors or omissions or would like to provide additional information, click here.

Duration of studies

Candidates must hold a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree or its equivalent and complete an internship before applying for PME programs (residency). There are four levels of PME in India:

Trainee selection process

Entry into PME programs is based strictly on merit and is assessed by national or individual state/institute entrance examinations. All examinations are comprised of written multiple choice questions. Applicants can, and generally do, take multiple examinations conducted by different institutions. Although there is considerable variation, most state government-affiliated programs at the MD/MS level accept 50% of students based on the national examination and 50% based on state examinations. In addition, 50% of PME positions are reserved in most states for physicians belonging to the economically underprivileged segments of Indian society (as specified in the Indian Constitution).

Specialty curriculum authority

The Postgraduate Committee of the Medical Council of India develops specialty curricula as well as guidelines for universities offering MD, MS, DM, and MCh degree programs, and determines minimum standards for the programs. The final curriculum for each program is designed by the regional University Board of Studies.

Licensing authority


Areas of specialization

Specialty Prior degree
Cardiology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pediatrics)
Clinical Hematology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pathology)
MD (Pediatrics)
MD (Biochemistry)
Clinical Pharmacology MD (Pharmacology)
Endocrinology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pediatrics)
MD (Biochemistry)
Immunology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pathology)
MD (Microbiology)
MD (Pediatrics)
MD (Biochemistry)
MD (Physiology)
Medical Gastroenterology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pediatrics)
Medical Genetics MD/MS in any subject
Medical Oncology MD (Medicine)
MS (Radio-therapy)
MD (Pediatrics)
Neonatology MD (Pediatrics)
Nephrology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pediatrics)
Neurology MD (Medicine)
MD (Pediatrics)
Neuro-radiology MD (Radio-diagnosis)
Specialty Prior degree
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery MS (General Surgery)
Endocrine Surgery MS (General Surgery)
Gynecological Oncology MD/MS (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Neuro-Surgery MS (General Surgery)
Pediatrics Surgery MS (General Surgery)
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery MS (General Surgery)
Surgical Gastroenterology MS (General Surgery)
Surgical Oncology MS (General Surgery)
MS (Orthopedics)
MD (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Urology MS (General Surgery)
Vascular Surgery MS (General Surgery)

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