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Postgraduate Medical Education (PME) Project

The Postgraduate Medical Education (PME) Project provides information about formal medical education and clinical training beyond the basic medical school curriculum for countries around the world. Country listings include information on the duration of studies, trainee selection processes, specialty curricula and licensing authorities, areas of specialization, and regulations regarding specialty education and licensure/certification.

The PME Project has been developed by FAIMER in partnership with the European Medical Association (EMA), and the information included was graciously provided by individuals knowledgeable about PME in the countries listed. FAIMER and EMA have a mutual interest in providing web-based resources that enable comparison of PME programs worldwide. Both organizations continue to collaborate to expand the number of countries and to enhance the PME Project by collecting and including data about PME at the individual program level.

For information on PME in a particular country, click on the country’s name below:

The PME Project is updated as new information becomes available. For countries not listed, the PME Project currently has no information. If you feel qualified to provide information for a country that is not listed, or if you note errors or omissions in the information listed, or would like to provide FAIMER with contact information for another person qualified to provide information, please click here.

Although we attempt to verify the information provided in the PME Project, FAIMER cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness, or currency (click here for more information).

[last update: March 1, 2010]