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The information listed for Belgium was provided by individuals knowledgeable about PME in Belgium. If you note errors or omissions or would like to provide additional information, please click here.

Duration of studies

In line with current legislation, the training lasts from two to six years and consists of clinical practice under the tutorship of the university training director.

Trainee selection process

There are different methods of selection depending on the university. Generally, there is no specific entrance examination, and the selection for specialized studies depends on the posts that are available. The candidates are selected according to their curriculum vitae and any other merits they may have. In Belgium, selection typically occurs in the first two years at university, and the number of students that finish their studies is almost equal to the number of posts available for specialization.

Specialty curriculum authority

The Ministry of Public Health, assisted by:

A jury regularly examines the medical student's progress with the help of reports from the training supervisor.

Licensing authority


Areas of specialization

Legal references

[last update: March 1, 2010]