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The information listed for Austria was provided by individuals knowledgeable about PME in Austria. If you note errors or omissions or would like to provide additional information, please click here.

Duration of studies

The postgraduate training periods are:

Compulsory postgraduate education is called “Pflichtassistenz” or “Turnus.” It takes three years, and ends with the “Ius Practicandi,” the right to practice general medicine. After the Ius Practicandi, physicians may train for a clinical specialty.

Trainee selection process

The decision regarding access to postgraduate studies is made by hospitals directly. It is very difficult to get a slot for the Turnus. At the time of this writing, there were many physicians waiting for a slot; some wait six or more years.

Specialty curriculum authority

The Austrian Medical Association

The Federal Ministry of Science and Transport has supervisory authority.

Licensing authority


Areas of specialization

Legal references

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[last update: March 1, 2010]