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Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU)

Duration and levels of accreditation

Applicant status, candidate status, member status (only member status indicates accreditation) (3 years followed by 5 years)

Accreditation standards

Evaluation process

Self-evaluation; site visits; team submits the report to the PAASCU Commission on Medical Education; report is then transmitted to the PAASCU Board of Directors, which makes the final decision.

Outcome/consequences of accreditation


Description of accreditation organization

Independent Entity

PAASCU is a private, voluntary, non-profit and non-stock corporation that accredits academic programs that meet commonly accepted standards of quality education.

In November 1967, the Bureau of Education (now the Department of Education) officially recognized PAASCU and endorsed its work as an accrediting agency.

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