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German Accreditation Council

Duration and levels of accreditation

Accreditation of study programs: 8 years
System accreditation: 8 years
Alternative procedures: up to 8 years

Accreditation standards

Since 2018, the accreditation in Germany has been based on the Interstate Study Accreditation Treaty and the specimen decree of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affair (KMK).

Evaluation process

According to the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), the accreditation process contains a self-evaluation, a site visit, and a report by independent external experts including a student member. While the assessment procedure is organised by a recognized accreditation agency listed in the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR) the decision is taken by the German Accreditation Council.

Outcome/consequences of accreditation

Mandatory for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
Accreditation is voluntary for study programs which are completed by state examinations (Staatsprüfung), for example those who prepare to work as a physician.

Description of accreditation organization

Independent entity

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[last update: April 24, 2019]