FAIMER Fellows to Participate in Educational Leadership Program at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden

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Five FAIMER Fellows have been selected to participate in “Leading for Change in Health Professions Education,” an international program to be held May 17-20, 2010, at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Yuvaraj Bhosale (GSMC 2008) from Seth G.S. Medical College in India, Animesh Jain (PSG 2008) from Kasturba Medical College in India, Michan Malca (PHIL 2008) from the Universidad Científica del Sur in Peru, Himanshu Pandya (CMCL 2007) from Pramukhswami Medical College in India, and Supten Sarbadhikari (PSG 2007) from the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in India are among the 10 health professions educators invited to take part in the program. Yuvaraj Bhosale and Michan Malca were both awarded scholarships to the program.

“Leading for Change in Health Professions Education” is a highly interactive program that focuses on educational leadership by individuals within the broader context of medical education curriculum changes. Case studies are used to provide real-world examples of successful leadership change. Participants have the opportunity to learn how to master tools for curriculum planning, analyze stakeholders’ interests and agendas, identify their own leadership style within their organization, and enhance their organization’s capacity for implementing educational reform. The program is taught by leading international health professions educators, including FAIMER Fellow Rita Sood (PHIL 2005).

The Karolinska Institutet is a world leader in health professions education and the only university in Sweden specializing in health professions education and research. The university is also home to the Nobel Assembly that awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine each year.

Karolinska Institute Workshop

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Interactive teaching in a multi-cultural context was the theme of a two-day workshop at the Karolinska Institute (KI) in Stockholm conducted by Bill Burdick, Associate Vice President for Education, FAIMER, and Jonas Nordquist, Director, Medical Case Center, KI, during the first week in June. Engaging adult learners in discussions that push them to their frontiers of knowledge is a challenging, but essential role for educators. It values and uses the knowledge they bring to the endeavor of learning, and allows them to move to areas of authentic interest and concern, while recognizing the vulnerability of adult learners. The challenge of discussion leadership is even greater when participants are from different cultures. Through a combination of case discussions, appreciative inquiry, and personal project discussions, participants developed strategies for achieving this ambitious goal.