FAIMER Fellows Conduct Workshop on Effective Teaching Learning Methods at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal

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In support of an ongoing effort to revitalize health professions education at the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan, Nepal, Bishnu Hari Paudel (PHIL 2007), Soumya Bhattacharya (PHIL 2005), and Shyamal Bhattacharya (PHIL 2006) led a workshop at the Institute on “Effective Teaching Learning Methods and Related Aspects,” from December 7 to 12, 2008. Thirty-four health professions educators from five institutions in Nepal participated in sessions on such topics as program evaluation, changing curricula to meet local needs, effective teaching practices, problem-based learning, conflict management, and change management. Educators from outside of Nepal were invited to serve as faculty; included among those contributing was Avinash Supe (PHIL 2002), Director of the GSMC-FAIMER Regional Institute in Mumbai, India.

An Appreciative Inquiry approach was practiced throughout the workshop and a great deal of emphasis was placed on teamwork. Sessions were designed to encourage broad active participation. Goals of the workshop included not only the continued improvement of health professions education at the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, but also continued development throughout Nepal, and the fostering of a network of health professions educators across the country. Feedback from participants was positive. The workshop was considered a great success, and there was much interest expressed in conducting similar activities in the future.