FAME Course to be Held at AMEE Meeting

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Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education (FAME), a basic-level course on educational assessment, will be introduced at the next Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) meeting August 25-29, 2007 in Trondheim, Norway. FAME targets individuals who are members of medical faculties and who are likely to be relatively new to teaching and assessment. Persons who have assumed new responsibilities for assessment are also likely to benefit from the course. FAME is designed around two complementary dimensions, five assessment themes (Test Design; Test Material Development; Standard Setting; and Scoring, Analysis, and Reporting) and four assessment frames (Assessment of Knowledge and Reasoning, Assessment of Clinical Skills, Assessment of Workplace Performance, and Assessment of Programs).

The course schedule will include one and one-half pre-conference days consisting of plenary and small group sessions. Small group work will be organized around the four frames listed above, culminating with faculty facilitators preparing a conference itinerary for the participants in each of the frames. During the AMEE conference, faculty and participants will meet daily over lunch to review sessions attended. At the conclusion of the AMEE conference, faculty will sum up the course experience, address remaining questions from participants, and discuss possible future study.

For registration information, visit the AMEE website or access the AMEE 2007 Provisional Programme PDF.

(posted April 2, 2007; updated May 17, 2007)

AMEE 2006

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The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) annual meeting is recognized as the largest annual international event focusing entirely on medical and health care professions education.

The 2006 conference, held September 14-18, 2006 in Genoa, Italy, focused on teaching and learning in medicine, medical education, and health care needs and assessment. FAIMER was well represented at AMEE. Staff participated in the following workshops, symposia, and short communications:


A practical guide to setting defensible performance standards on OSCEs and clinical skills examinations
André F. De Champlain (National Board of Medical Examiners), John R. Boulet, and Marta van Zanten

Assessing the written communication skills of physicians
Thomas Rebbecchi (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)), John R. Boulet, and Gerald Whelan (ECFMG)

Mini CEX: A method for assessment and feedback in training
John J. Norcini and Reinhard Westkämper (IAWF, University of Bern, Switzerland)

Work based assessment: Practical lessons from experience with a large national work based assessment programme
Helena Davies (University of Sheffield, UK), Lesley Southgate (University of London, UK), and John J. Norcini


The assessment of work
John J. Norcini (Chairperson), Dale Dauphinée (Medical Council of Canada), Bob Galbraith (National Board of Medical Examiners), Val Wass (University of Manchester, UK), and Cees van der Vleuten (University of Maastricht, Netherlands)

Short Communications

Acculturation issues for immigrant physicians
Gerald Whelan*, Marta van Zanten, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, and Barbara Hoekje

Clinical education of graduates of European medical schools
Danette W. McKinley*, John J. Norcini, and M. Brownell Anderson

Development of a compulsory national clinical skills examination in Peru
William P. Burdick*, Pedro Mendoza, Peter Scoles, and John J. Norcini

Do international medical graduates contribute to a culturally and linguistically diverse physician workforce in the United States?
Marta van Zanten* and John R. Boulet

* Presenter