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FAIMER Institute

Schedule Overview

Pre-Institute orientation and conversation (online prior to 1st residential session)

Session 1 (residential in the United States): 3 weeks

Session 2 (distance learning): 11 months

Fellows stay connected to mentors and other Fellows through a listserv and regular video conference calls while they continue to develop and implement their projects. This period culminates with Fellows preparing a poster and an abstract based on their education innovation project, to be presented and discussed during the return residential session (Session 3).

Session 3 (residential in the United States): 1½ weeks

Advanced topics in:

Session 4 (distance learning): 11 months

Advanced topics in:

Fellows deepen their foundation in health professions education and scholarship through the online FAIMER-Keele Certificate in Health Professions Education program while they continue to work on their projects. Fellows may choose to continue the distance learning program at their own expense to achieve a Diploma or Master’s Degree instead of acquiring the Certificate.

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The schedule for the 2018 fellowship cycle is:

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[last update: May 2, 2017]