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FAIMER Institute

Schedule Overview

2020 residential session dates:
Session 1: March 8-26 (incoming 2020 Fellows)
Session 3: March 22 – April 1 (returning 2019 Fellows)

Pre-Institute orientation and conversation (online prior to 1st residential session)

Session 1 (residential in the United States): 3 weeks

Session 2 (distance learning): 11 months

Fellows stay connected to mentors and other Fellows through a listserv and regular video conference calls while they continue to develop and implement their projects. This period culminates with Fellows preparing a poster and an abstract based on their education innovation project, to be presented and discussed during the return residential session (Session 3).

Session 3 (residential in the United States): 1½ weeks

Advanced topics in:

Session 4 (distance learning): 9 months

Fellows stay connected with mentors and peers to develop e-learning modules, and continue to work on their projects and scholarship from their project work.

Additional opportunity: 12 months

Fellows may deepen their foundation in health professions education and scholarship through the online FAIMER-Keele Certificate in Health Professions Education program. Fellows may choose to continue the distance learning program at their own expense or through the International Fellowship in Medical Education (IFME), which provides financial support to selected FAIMER alumni, to achieve a Diploma or Master’s Degree.

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The schedule for the 2020 fellowship cycle is:

* FAIMER offers a rolling admission process. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received and applicants will be informed as selected.

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[last update: August 15, 2019]