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Education Innovation Project

An education innovation project is the focal point for application of learning at the Institute. Each Fellow proposes an education innovation project that is endorsed by their institution in their initial application to the Institute, and then implements it at their institution when they return home. Projects with the potential to improve the health of the community are given high priority in the fellowship selection process.

For 2020, the FAIMER Institute encourages applicants to propose education innovation projects that support Goal 3 of the WHO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3): “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” and specifically the sub-goals related to the health of mothers and children:

Examples of projects that support these aspects of SDG 3 include service learning innovations, curriculum alignment, health worker capacity building, capacity building in monitoring and evaluation, and engagement of community stakeholders in education.

Maternal and child health projects will provide an opportunity for Fellows to connect education innovation and health outcomes, by encouraging them to identify key health problems and create health workforce education innovations to address them.

Education innovation projects in other domains such as education methods, leadership, community health (in areas other than maternal and child health), and program evaluation will continue to be considered.

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[last update: February 8, 2019]