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Education Innovation Project

An education innovation project is the focal point for application of learning at the Institute. Each Fellow proposes a project that is endorsed by their institution in their initial application to the Institute, and then implements it at their home institution during the first distance learning session. Fellows apply leadership, management, and education methodology concepts to implement projects. Projects with the potential to improve the health of the community, region, or country of the applicant’s institution, and which have full institutional support, are given higher priority in the fellowship selection process.

To encourage the development of knowledge and skills in health professions education scholarship (research, evaluation, and publishing), Fellows prepare a poster and an abstract based on their project after one year of project implementation. Ongoing support from faculty and Fellows throughout the program also fosters scholarship based on project activities.

Project titles and abstracts from FAIMER Fellows are available on the FAIMER website.

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[last update: May 22, 2014]