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FAIMER Institute

Financial Support

Thanks to generous support from ECFMG and other benefactors, FAIMER is able to sponsor most participants to attend the Institute. A wide range of financial support is available, including full scholarships, based on need. While the full cost of the Institute is $28,000, many institutions are asked to contribute in the range of $2,500 to $5,000.

The goals of the financial aid program are to:

The FAIMER Institute program includes:
Residential sessions (20 days in Year 1; 12 days in Year 2)

Distance learning sessions (11 months in Year 1; 9 months in Year 2)

Additional opportunity (12 months)

The FAIMER Institute program does not cover international travel costs to and from the two residential sessions, or visa costs.

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[last update: February 14, 2019]