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James BonTempo, M.S.

James BonTempo, M.S.James BonTempo is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expert with more than 15 years of experience in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors. For the last seven years at Jhpiego, Mr. BonTempo has provided key technical leadership on a diversity of projects in areas such as education and training, monitoring and evaluation, service delivery, and behavior change communication. He has managed and led the development of national, regional, facility, and client-level information systems and has worked to build ICT capacity both within Jhpiego and for its external beneficiary communities. Some of Mr. BonTempo’s most recent projects include: training faculty, clinical preceptors, and information technology staff in Botswana to design and develop multimedia electronic learning materials for HIV; implementing and evaluating a short message service (SMS)-based information service to support a male circumcision campaign in Tanzania; and partnering with a technology innovation lab in Uganda to develop and implement a free and open source mobile learning application for private sector family planning providers.

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[last update: February 27, 2017]