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Fellows (2001 – current)

FAIMER Institute Fellows are health professions educators from respected academic institutions around the world. They are primarily mid-career faculty who are actively involved in undergraduate education at their institutions and who are in positions of leadership with respect to curriculum and educational policies and procedures.

Directory of Fellows: Click on column heading to sort table by column. For the key to abbreviations in the table click here.

For the key to abbreviations in the table click here.

Fellows Database Search

Given Name Family Name Home Country Institution Country Year Institute Project
Zeinab Ibrahim University of Khartoum Sudan 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Hana Jamjoom King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Nermine Kamal Ain Shams University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Nahla Kandil NAPHS Consultancy Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Noha Lasheen Ain Shams University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Sarah Mattout Dar Al Uloom University Saudi Arabia 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Elhadi Miskeen University of Bisha Saudi Arabia 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Nayera Mohamed Ain Shams University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Nasr Eldeen Mohamed Mohamed Ali Al-Azhar University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Asmaa Mohammad Armed Forces College of Medicine Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Hossam-adin Mostafa Emam Electronic Health for Information Technology Saudi Arabia 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Nagwa Nasrallah Ain Shams University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Marwa Saad Ain Shams University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Hanan Saleh Ain Shams University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Sherein Shalaby Helwan University Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Khalilullah Shefa French Medical Institute Afghanistan 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Dina Shokry Ministry of Health and Population Egypt 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Rajaa Tamim Princess Norah Bint Abdulraham University Saudi Arabia 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Omaima Zubair University of Mosul Iraq 2020 ASU-MENA N/A
Cecilia Felicia Chandra Universitas Airlangga Indonesia 2020 FRNSHP N/A

* Deceased.

Institute: ASU-MENA = Ain Shams University-Middle East North Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute: Cairo, Egypt; BRAZ = Brazil-FAIMER Regional Institute: Porto das Dunas, Brazil; CMU (Formerly CMB-CMU*) = CMU-FAIMER Regional Institute: Shenyang, China; CMCL = CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute: Ludhiana, India; FRILA = FAIMER Regional Institute in Latin America: Santiago, Chile; FRNSHP = FAIMER Regional Institute of Indonesia for Educational Development and Leadership: Yogyakarta, Indonesia; GSMC = GSMC-FAIMER Regional Institute: Mumbai, India; IFI (Formerly PHIL#) = International FAIMER Institute: Philadelphia; IFME = International Fellowship in Medical Education; MAHE = MAHE-FAIMER International Institute for Leadership in Interprofessional Education: Manipal, India; PSG = PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute: Coimbatore, India; SAFRI = Sub-Saharan Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute: Cape Town, South Africa; SMU = SMU-FAIMER Regional Institute: Guangzhou, China

Project (Education Innovation Project): ACCRED = Accreditation; ALIGN = Alignment of content with health care context and population health needs; ASMT = Assessment; CBIT = Computer-based learning, information technology; COM = Community-based education; CRTH = Critical thinking; CS = Clinical skills education (includes communication skills, bedside skills); CUR = Curriculum revision/integration/change; DL = Distance learning; EVB = Evidence-based medicine; FACDEV = Faculty/teacher/trainer development; HLSYS = Health systems integration/improvement/change (includes changes in health workforce, health system structure); INTERPROF = Interprofessional education; ORGDEV = Organizational development; OSCE = Objective structured clinical examination; PBL = Problem-based learning; PROF = Professionalism, humanism, ethics; PROG = Program evaluation; RSCH = Building capacity to do research; SIM = Simulations; STAFF = Student affairs; TMETH = Teaching methods; N/A = Project title not currently available

*The CMU-FAIMER Regional Institute was the CMB-CMU-FAIMER Regional Institute from 2013-2018.
#The International FAIMER Institute (IFI) was the FAIMER Institute, Philadelphia (PHIL) from 2001-2019.

[last update: June 8, 2021]