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Tuition and Fees*

One-time Application Fee:    US$ 100 (non-refundable)

Total Fee for Certificate:    US$ 6,000
The Certificate is a one-year course of study. Students must successfully complete the two modules listed below.

Module 1: Assessment (Eight 15-hour units)
Module 2: Accreditation and Self-review (Eight 15-hour units)

Total Fee for Diploma:    US$ 12,000
The Diploma is an additional year of study beyond the Certificate. Students must successfully complete the six modules listed below.

Modules 1 and 2: As listed above
Module 3: Assessment and Accreditation 2 (Eight 10-hour units)
Module 4: Research Design (Eight 10-hour units)
Module 5: Curriculum Design and Evaluation (Eight 10-hour units)
Module 6: Teaching and Learning in Health Professions (Eight 10-hour units)

Total Fee for Master’s Degree:    US$ 18,000
The Master’s Degree is an additional year of study beyond the Diploma. Students must successfully complete the seven modules listed below, as well as a one-week residential session that integrates learning. They must also conduct an approved research project and write an acceptable dissertation to earn the Master’s Degree.

Modules 1-6: As listed above
Module 7: Educational Management and Leadership (Eight 10-hour units)


Tuition for each year of study is US$ 6,000.

FAIMER offers an installment plan for those who prefer to spread the US$ 6,000 tuition payment out over four equal installments of US$ 1,500.

Payment of fees is through PayPal. If your country is not listed in PayPal, or if you experience any other difficulties when submitting payment, please contact us at distancelearning@faimer.org.

After you have completed the Eligibility Requirements form and submitted payment of your US$ 100 application fee, FAIMER will send you a link directing you to Keele University’s on-line application system. As part of your application with Keele, please be prepared to provide details of your academic and professional qualifications, including academic transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL scores, and professional references.

* If it is determined upon review of your application that you do not meet the program’s eligibility requirements, FAIMER will refund your tuition, minus the US$ 100 application fee.



last update: February 1, 2016
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