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Module 7: Educational Management and Leadership

Module 7 is made up of the following eight 10-hour units:

  • 7.1. Foundations of Leadership
  • 7.2. Team Building
  • 7.3. Assessment and Accreditation of Leadership and Management
  • 7.4. Managing Projects and Resources

Learning outcomes for Module 7 are:

  • To understand competing theories of leadership in health professions education and their historical and cultural contexts
  • To better understand the effects of personal qualities and characteristics on management and leadership behavior and values
  • To understand and be able to manage others, performance, and conflict
  • To understand the theory and practice of positive, strengths-based leadership
  • To understand how to lead and manage projects including the use of project management tools
  • To consider how to manage meetings and group decision-making and the theoretical underpinnings for this
  • To understand the theory and practice of team building and the cultural effects on effectiveness
  • To understand approaches to managing change in a professional context
last update: December 11, 2014
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